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Jun 7, 2019

20 years of writing and reporting on news events in the United States broke Tonia’s heart for people in need. Her passion for service led her to take a leap of faith from a successful career in television journalism to Pastoral care and other helping ministries. Tonia helped Elevation Church launch and direct the course of the church’s now worldwide outreach ministry.

Today, Tonia serves as Special Assistant to the President of Montreat College, a private Christian liberal arts school in the mountains of North Carolina. As a personal and professional development coach, she is also guiding leaders to become their best selves. Tonia’s love of nature and of the written and spoken word continues as she explores new ways of communicating. Her favorites now are poetry and Improv. Tonia is committed to saying YES to life and building a personal and professional life that is equal to her potential while engaging others do the same.